The software is easy to install.

Just start your device (TV,Tablet, Tv Box) and search for “EyeCharts” in the App Store.

Install on Windows PC

To install on Microsoft Windows PC  click here.

Install on Samsung Smart TV

To install on Samsung Smart TV  click here.

Install on LG smart TV

To install on LG smart TV  click here.

Install on Android OS Devices

To install on Android devices  click here.

Install on Amazon Fire

To install on Amazon Fire TV devices  click here.


Check how to use EyeCharts controls

Remote Control, Keyboard, Mini-Keyboard

Using a PC Keyboard

EyeCharts is compatible with any kind of keyboard controllers (standard keyboards, wifi keyboards, mini-keyboards).

EyeCharts Controller

Letter Shortcuts:

  • [W] Worth 4 dot test
  • [E] Tumbling E
  • [R] Letters
  • [T] ETDRS
  • [I] Ishihara Test
  • [O] Optokinetic test
  • [P] Fixation Point
  • [A] Amsler grid
  • [D] Astigmatic Dial
  • [F] Figures
  • [G] Glaucoma simulator
  • [H] HTOV test
  • [L] LEA symbols
  • [Z] Settings
  • [C] Landolt C test
  • [B] Bichromatic test
  • [N] Numbers
  • [M] One Hand

Number Shortcuts:

  • 1-9: Change Visual Acuity Value (optotipe size)
Using the Remote Control

EyeCharts works with any kind of remote controls of compatible devices:

TV Remote control (slim):

EyeCharts Slim Controller

TV Remote control (standard):

EyeCharts Controller
  • [1] Letters
  • [2] Numbers
  • [3] Figures
  • [4] Lea Symbols
  • [5] Tumbling E
  • [6] Landolt C test
  • [7] ETDRS
  • [8] ETDRS – Figures
  • [9] Astigmatic Dial
  • [0] Show/Hide Bichromatic test


The eyecharts set up.

How to configure to your needs?

Changing the Working Distance

Measure the distance between the patient’s eyes and the screen.

Measure the distance between the patient’s eyes and the screen. Note: if you use a mirrored room you should enter the full distance (screen to mirror plus mirror to eyes)

Setting the Screen Resolution

To configure the screen resolution, use a ruller to measure the blue optotype that shows in the screen.

Changing the Starting Chart

Here you can select the starting chart. You can also select the starting visual acuity.

Setting the Visual Acuity notation

Choose your preferred visual acuity notation: imperial, meters, decimal or x/10 fraction.

They will be set to preferred visual acuity units every time you run EyeCharts.

Configuring the Mirrored system

You can change the settings to mirrored offices. You can chose to mirror all the pages or only the optotypes.

Note: if you use a mirrored room you should enter the full distance (screen to mirror plus mirror to eyes) in distance settings.

Switch between multiple monitors

to switch between multiple monitors is to use hotkeys that move your active window from one screen to another. The default hotkeys for this are Win+Shift+Left arrow and Win+Shift+Right arrow, which move your window to the left or right monitor, respectively.

Note: This function is only applicable to Windows systems.

Eyecharts Visual acuity on Windows.
Eyecharts Visual acuity on Windows.


In this section you will learn…

How to operate the EyeCharts Visual Acuity System

Activating Premium Version

When in activation menu, just read the QR code and you will be transferred to EyeCharts system shop page.

After you complete the premium version purchase, your License code will be sent instantly to your e-mail. You can also check your licenses in your Account page:

Changing optotypes
Visual acuity screen, snellen chart download, vision test buy downlaod to smart TV

Use arrows to control the optotypes sizes.

Use the OK/Enter button to change the optotypes.

Eye Examinations

Use arrows to Focus the optotypes.

Use the OK/Enter button to change the optotypes.

You can also convert to columns usign rigtht and left arrows.

Color Blind Test

Use arrows LEFT and RIGHT to control the plate of Ishihara test.

Us arrows UP and Down to Show or Hide the result of Ishihara test.

Recording Visual Acuity
Visual acuity record

To record the Visual Acuty just HOLD OK/Enter button to show the options.

Then click left arrow to record to Left Eye or Right arrow to record to Right Eye.

Depth Perception Test
Depth perception test

Use blue-red eyeglass to test the depth perception test. When depth perception is present, the individual will see a 3D wheel as an object jumping off the screen.

You can change to green-red eyeglasses using the arrows

Fixation disparity test
Use horizontal arrows to increas/decrease size of the target
Use vertical arrows to adjust colors for better experience and calibrate to your red/green glasses