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Made by ophthalmologists for your office.

full visual acuity system

Snellen, Tumbling E, ETDRS, Landolt C, Figures, Numbers, One Hand and much more.


Install in any Screen and Screen Sizes.

About EyeCharts

Visual Acuity Screen with the best design and functions combined together

Surgery Simulator

Surgery Simulators in Your Clinic

EyeCharts is the first Visual Acuity Screen to include Educational Surgery Simulators

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Profesional Visual Acuity Software

ETDRS Chart • Snellen Chart • Numbers Chart • Color Test • Contrast Sensibility Test • Figures Chart • One Hand Chart • HTOV Chart • Tumbling “E” Chart • Glaucoma Simulator Cataract Simulator • Red-Green Test • Worth 4 Dot Test

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